• Use Greenware. If your event includes food, check out a Greenware Kit! Kits are customized with reusable plates, cups, bowls, and silverware, 100% recycled napkins, a compost bucket, and helpful signage. Submit an order through the Greenware checkout form or contact for details. 
  • Host a BYO event. Suggest or require that attendees bring their own dining ware.
  • If using disposable, use biodegradable/compostable. Spudware, BioWare, and other brands are available from many vendors.
  • Buy organic/local/fair trade. Buying organic, local, and fair trade reduces many of the negative impacts of food production.
  • Buy in bulk and reduce packaging. Stay away from individually-packaged items and reuse plastic bags to buy in bulk. This reduces waste and often cost!


  • Use reusable dishes. Non-disposable dining ware is available by requesting "Correlleware" in the Notes for your request on the CaterTrax website. 
  • Request organic/local/fair trade.
  • Request no individually-packaged items.
  • Have other ideas? Suggest them! Want a sugar bowl instead of individual packets? Only large plates so people don't take a second for dessert? Just ask!


  • Recycle. For larger events (especially events through Catering) request recycling cans to make sure they're there. Post signs on your recycling and "landfill" cans explaining what should go in them (email for ready-made signs). Remember that plastic wrap, tin foil, and many other items are recyclable.
  • Compost. Bring compostable scraps to campus composting locations. Email if you'd like to borrow a bucket to collect compostable wastes.


  • Use less paper. Print double-sided whenever possible, and request one-sided (used) paper for Duplicating jobs.
  • Conduct electronic outreach. Using email, Facebook, Smith Campus Center screens and other methods instead of flyers and table tents can reduce costs and paper use.