We hope that you will use your time on campus to take a student-led tour, attend an info session and/or chat with available students and admissions staff. We exist to answer questions and push our favorite bakeries, frozen yogurt shops and restaurants on you. While we do not schedule on-campus interviews, we always welcome the chance to speak with you and your family informally on campus or respond to your emails with information or insider tidbits. Look up your admissions officer, so you can address him or her by something other than "hey you!"


Can't Get Enough of Pomona?

You can find out more information about Pomona by requesting an alumni interview during the fall. The interview request form will go live August 10. Since Pomona does not track demonstrated interest in the admissions process, interviewing is purely optional and is aimed at connecting you with a graduate of Pomona who can give you more insight into the College and answer any questions you might have. An evaluation of the interview will become part of an applicant's file. While we offer the option to interview with an alumni interviewer off campus, please be aware that our alumni network does not extend to every corner of the country or world, and we cannot always fulfill every interview request.

The deadline for requesting an alumni interview is:

  • Early Decision 1: October 14 
  • Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision: December 9 
  • Transfer: February 8 (must be completed by February 24)


International Student Interviews

Although interviews are not required, international students may choose to arrange either an alumni interview (limited availability) or one with a private service that conducts and records interviews. Please be aware that there may be a cost for third-party services.

We accept:


  • The conversation will be reviewed by the Admissions Office, NOT by the interviewing service.
  • If you already scheduled an alumni interview, you may not submit a third-party interview.
  • If you're attending high school in the United States, please schedule an (optional) alumni interview.
  • Third-party interviews, like InitialView, aren't conducted by our staff or alumni. The interviewer can't answer Pomona-specific questions.