• Chris_Byington-Headshot
    Chris Byington '12, a French and economics double major, is director of analytics at Updater.
  • Alumna Alana Murphy, Public policy analysis, Class of 2015
    Alana Murphy '15, a public policy analysis major, works for the UN Migration Agency in Ecuador.
  • Alumna, Environmental Analysis, Nicole Quilliam
    Nicole Quilliam ’15, environmental analysis major, is a project analyst for Andela.
  • Edie Harris
    Edie Harris '13, a German studies and philosophy double major, is in Berlin getting her M.A. in philosophy.
  • Darrell Jones sitting in a panel between four other people.
    Darrell Jones III '14, a politics major, works in tech for Twilio and is a cofounder of a political advocacy nonprofit called TechEquity Collaborative.

The best evidence of the soundness of Pomona’s educational philosophy is the success of its graduates. Pomona alumni have served in positions of leadership in practically every field of human endeavor – from medicine, public policy, and the arts to scientific research, journalism, business, and the law, as well as almost every field of academic research and teaching.

In preparing and planning for their life after Pomona, students can lean on professors, advisors and a talented Career Development Office staff who are committed their success.

Class of 2017 Plans


Accepted a job or internship offer


Accepted a graduate school offer


Accepted a fellowship or graduate school fellowship


Accepted a service opportunity


Had not accepted an offer yet


Will focus after graduation or pursue other opportunities

Top Five Industry Destinations








Healthcare services




Information based on a voluntary survey of the Class of 2017 with an 89.71 percent response rate.

Graduate and Professional School

Within 10 Years...

Within 10 years of graduating, recent Pomona alumni have either pursued or completed:


Master's Degree






M.D. or D.O.

According to a survey of alumni, within 10 years of graduating Pomona, 83 percent were either pursuing or had completed an advanced degree. While many work or pursue other opportunities before entering graduate or a professional degree program, many head straight there after graduation. In the Class of 2017, some of the graduate/professional school destinations included: Cambridge University, Stanford University, Cornell University, University of Southern California, UCSF, UCLA, Yale University, Harvard University, Columbia University, and many others.

From 2010-2015, the average acceptance rate of Pomona alumni to medical schools ranged from 70 to 85 percent. The national average is around 40 percent.


Pomona students do exceptionally well in scholarship and fellowship competitions. Twenty-five percent of the class of 2017 applied for a competitive award while at Pomona, and 28 won a total of 31 post-graduation fellowships in 2017, including:

  • 13 Fulbright Awards
  • 1 Watson Fellowship
  • 5 Teaching Assistant Program in France Awards
  • 2 NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
  • 2 Downing Scholarships
  • 2 NYU Shanghai Writing and Speaking Fellowships
  • 1 Venture for America Fellowship
  • 1 New York City Teaching Fellowship
  • 1 Princeton in Asia Fellowship