The Environmental Analysis Program and the Pomona Alumni community lost a truly wonderful friend, full of enthusiasm, good will, and life this past Saturday, when Erin Noble perished in a light plane crash in Lane County, Oregon (country that he really loved). I feel lucky to have taught Erin in several of my classes. He brought economic theory and environmental conscientiousness together in excellent essays and classroom discussions—all a professor could wish. Outside class he became a strong booster for the program and environmental teaching in general. When he applied to participate in our year end E.A. field trip to Central California and the State Assembly in Sacramento with four other top students, I was thrilled to accept him. He enriched the experience of being ten days on the road for all ten of us with his volunteerism, happy-go-lucky interest and insight. He simply seemed to lift everyone and everything around him. After he graduated he invited me to join part (or all!) of his trans-Oregon Pacific Coast Trail backpack, and I honestly admit that I was sorely tempted. This would have been a highlight memory, I know. Erin left Planet Earth at far too young an age—and the limits of the English language leave me unable to express my sorrow at news of such an early passing. His being was simply a very good thing. — Rick Hazlett