Conchita Serri

Conchita Franco Serri is the Campus Ombuds at Pomona College. She has a worked in academic settings for over 25 years, most of which has been serving as the principal conflict resolution officer, mediator and diversity officer. She has extensive employment practices and due diligence experience with ethics and discrimination complaints and has provided coaching and training to students, faculty and staff in the areas of bullying and peace-making. Conchita enjoys consulting with visitors and colleagues who need a “listening ear”. She is co-author and editor of Josefa, Marquesa del Pumar, a genealogical and historical book. Conchita is also a co-author with Matt Meier and Richard Garcia in Greenwood Press’ “Notable Latino Americans: A Biographical Dictionary”. The book received a prestigious academic recognition by CHOICE for her publication as “Outstanding Academic Book of the Year 1997”. She is a public speaker and a graduate of Harvard University and Boston College Law School. The Campus Ombuds is accepted as a full member of the International Ombudsman Association, and adheres to its ethical guidelines and standards of practice.

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