Fall 2020 Academics

What will the grading system be in fall 2020?

We anticipate grading will return to our usual system for fall semester 2020.

In spring 2020, we experienced an unexpected interruption halfway through the semester and therefore faculty decided the grading system needed to adapt. Although some decisions remain for the fall, our faculty will have some time to plan if a portion of instruction needs to be online.

Following our usual practice, grading systems will be determined by the faculty as part of their role in our governance.

Student Questions: Academic Year 2020-2021 Study Abroad

Is Fall 2020 Study Abroad proceeding?

After careful review, planning and assessment by the Pomona College Travel Risk Advisory Committee, Study Abroad Committee and Office of Study Abroad, the College has decided to suspend study abroad for the fall 2020 semester.

Pomona College continues to be deeply committed to the value of study abroad, and the Office of Study Abroad staff is available to support students with plans to study abroad in a future semester. If you had been approved to study abroad in fall 2020 prior to this decision, please reach out to sabroad@pomona.edu to let us know if you would like to defer your participation to spring 2021 or fall 2021, and study abroad staff will work with you on updating your Pomona and program applications.

Will Study Abroad be available in Spring 2021?

Currently, the College is allowing students to apply for study abroad programs for spring 2021. As we continue to monitor and evaluate the viability of Spring 2021 Study Abroad, the Office of Study Abroad will remain in close communication with Study Abroad applicants regarding timelines, decisions and situational updates.

Interested applicants should be aware that as of March 3, the College does not sponsor travel to countries designated with a U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory at Level 2 or higher due to COVID-19. In addition, the College will not support study abroad in any countries with a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Warning Level 3, Avoid Nonessential Travel for COVID-19.

Students interested in applying for study abroad should schedule an advising meeting with a study abroad advisor to discuss their goals and interests for study abroad along with current risks; health, safety and travel considerations; and program operations. As ever, students with health or disability accommodation needs should plan in advance with a study abroad advisor and their program provider to learn about what current resources are and are not available at the programs and locations they are considering.