All Pomona College Events Canceled

To promote social distancing as recommended by public health professionals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the College is canceling all internal and public events on campus.

  • There will be no public events of any size.
  • There will be no community or academic/internal events of any size.
  • For admissions, Spring POP and Admitted Student Weekend programs scheduled for April 18-20 are canceled. Student-guided admissions tours also are discontinued, and once-a-day information sessions will be discontinued after Friday, March 13. The Admissions Office will close to the public and only self-guided tours will be available.
  • Meeting planners are encouraged to make the most appropriate use of technology to allow for a remote audience when feasible.
  • Alumni Weekend will shift to an online-only format happening May 1-2.
  • Commencement has been postponed until fall semester, date forthcoming.

A separate list of FAQs has been developed for information specific to 7C and external clients and renters.

We recognize these temporary measures will bring inconvenience; we are taking them as an important community health precaution.

Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifies as a public event?

A public event is any event which is open to attendees from outside The Claremont Colleges. These events typically take place outside of the regularly scheduled classroom time. Examples: Admissions information sessions or tours, orchestra concerts, faculty-invited guest speakers taking place outside of a classroom visit, publicly advertised lecture series.

What qualifies as a community event?

A community event is an event that will be attended only by Claremont Colleges students, faculty and/or staff. Examples: Speaking events, parties or concerts that are limited to 7C students/faculty/staff.

What qualifies as an internal event?

An internal event is an activity or performance happening within the context of a regularly scheduled class or within the normal operations of an academic or administrative department, and which does not include participants from outside The Claremont Colleges. Examples: guest speakers in classes, peer mentor gatherings, weekly seminars, writing groups, academic counseling or support activities, regularly-scheduled on-site tutoring activities.

How does this affect admissions events?

We are not encouraging visitors to campus at this time in order to ensure everyone’s health and well-being. Instead, please enjoy our campus tour video and contact us with any questions at

Does this affect Commencement?

Commencement exercises will not take place in May 2020; however, the College plans to hold an in-person ceremony in fall 2020. A date will be communicated at least three months in advance. Degrees for graduating seniors will be conferred as of May 21, 2020.

How long will this event policy be in effect? Can I start or continue planning for 2020-21 academic year events?

The College has only determined an event policy for spring and summer 2020. At present, we recommend waiting to submit any requests for the next academic year until we have a better understanding of the public health situation.

Internal Events and Meetings

Does the policy include internal events?

All events, whether internal or public, are suspended until fall semester. All reservations in EMS for events during this period will be canceled. Virtual EMS has been disabled and no new reservations will be accepted at this time.

Am I still able to hold meetings for my department?

All faculty and staff are encouraged to make use of remote technologies for meetings. Please contact ITS for more information regarding the available tools for your needs.

Does this include exhibitions at the Pomona College Museum of Art (PCMA)?

The PCMA will be closed beginning March 18 until further notice.

Notification Information

How is the public being notified of event cancelations?

Pomona College will be individually notifying external groups scheduled to host events on campus. The online event calendar will be modified to indicate that events are canceled, and an advertisement will be placed in the Claremont Courier letting the public know about the new policy.

How is the Claremont Colleges community being notified of this policy?

The Pomona College Conference and Event Planning staff will be reaching out to internal event planners with details about implementing cancelations. Event planners will be encouraged to utilize online meeting and streaming technology when possible. Signage that indicates that all campus events are canceled will be placed around campus.

Cancelation Implementation

What about my work orders and catering requests?

All faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to Facilities & Campus Services and Pomona College Catering to cancel any pending event-related work orders.

I have already signed a contract and/or spent money on speaker fees and other rentals for my event. What do I do?

Review the agreements and contracts with your performers/speakers/vendors and inquire about refunds of payment. If the company or speaker will not refund your deposits or other payments, inquire about rescheduling. The terms for rescheduling are often more flexible than those for cancelation.

Whom do I contact with additional questions?

Questions about how to implement cancelations can be directed to the Conference and Event Planning team  (