On March 19, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a sweeping new statewide stay-at-home order in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Starting March 23, all staff members who can work from home must do so until further notice.

The full emergency teleworking policy is found in the portal under the HR document library.

For more information, please reach out to Pomona College’s Human Resources via email at pomonahr@pomona.edu.


How do I know if my position has been designated as eligible for telework?

Your manager/director has worked with your division vice president to determine which positions are eligible for telework. If you disagree with their decision, please discuss with your direct supervisor, vice president or HR Business Partner.

Will I be charged sick leave or other forms of leave while telecommuting? What if I’m sick and I run out of sick time?

The College will not charge any employee leave during this emergency telecommuting period. In the coming days, we will distribute instructions on how to record your time. Any employee who is sick should stay home.

What if I don’t have childcare?

In circumstances where a school has closed in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and children are home, the College will be flexible and permit employees to work from home. If the employee is in a position that is not eligible for telework, the employee should discuss the situation with their direct supervisor, vice president or HR Business Partner. We want to help you in this challenging situation.

How long will telework be available?

Telework will be available once the College has made a formal announcement to do so. Please note that telework may be discontinued without much notice, so employees must be ready to return to work and to their regular schedules quickly. Employees should be maintaining their regular work schedules and be available during work hours while teleworking.

What if there’s less work I can do at home to do while teleworking?

When the College has permitted staff to work remotely and your position has been designated as telework eligible, it is the intention of the College to pay your full work schedule regardless of your workload.

Where can I update my contact information?

Please ensure that Workday includes the most updated contact information, including your home address, home telephone, mobile telephone, personal email, as well as your work email. The attached job aid can assist with this process, or call Monica Villanueva at 909-607-9829 for assistance. Since the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is rapidly evolving, employees’ specific circumstances may make them eligible for other resources, so please continue to refer employee requests to brenda.rushforth@pomona.edu or (909) 607-1686 to ensure the College’s responses. Or to your division/department HR Business Partner.

If I am approved to stay home and are unable to work remotely, will I get paid?

During this emergency period, hourly employees who are approved to stay home and are unable to work remotely will be placed on Excused Time – Paid with pay at their current rate and for their normal scheduled work hours. Managers should enter Excused Time – Paid into Kronos for those workers. Staff who accrue time will continue to accrue sick, vacation, and personal time as normal throughout this time, up to the cap limits, as set in prior College policy. Exempt employees will be paid their regular salary.

Information Technology Services Support

As Faculty or Staff, how will I access applications and my local files while working remotely?

To access the service, simply follow these easy steps or see the job aid for more details.

Open a Web Browser

Open https://remote.pomona.edu in your browser and sign in using your Pomona College (work or school) email account (user@pomona.edu) and password. note: DUO Security may be displayed after login if you are currently enrolled. Select an authentication method to proceed.

Select “Session Desktop”

Select the computer icon labeled “Session Desktop” and then select the resources you would like to grant the server access to and click “Allow”.

  • Clipboard: Allows you to copy and paste while in the terminal server.
  • Printer: Allows you to send documents to printers setup in your device.


Login with just your Pomona College username (abcd2017 or abcd04747). Please note: If your connection is lost after selecting resources, select “reconnect,” and the login page should reappear.

Start working

Once you’ve logged in, you will see what appears to be a Windows computer. From this screen, you can access basic software such as Microsoft Outlook, Office, Excel, and PowerPoint.

For support, the ITS Help Desk may be reached at (909) 621-8061 or servicedesk@pomona.edu.

How do I access telecommuting or network services from home?

Employees eligible for telework should contact ITS Help Desk, or the ITS Knowledge Base to learn the appropriate network logon protocols. The ITS Help Desk may be reached at (909) 621-8061 or servicedesk@pomona.edu.

Remote Work Setup

What if I use my personal phone for work calls?

During the temporary period when employees will be permitted to work remotely, employees should use their personal phones, laptops and other devices.

What if I don’t have a reliable internet connection at home?

Employees should, where possible, use available municipal WiFi, such as in public libraries. To the extent that this is not available, the College is still open and employees should come to campus to work and use the internet to perform their work when possible. We recommend not using internet cafes or coffee shops.

Will I be compensated for my home internet plan?

Employees who are designated for telework are responsible for their own home internet service and plans. The College can consider assisting staff with internet capacity on a case by case basis.

Am I able to telework from locations other than home?

Employees may be able to telework from other locations – please discuss the details with your supervisor.

Do I still need to use Kronos?

Hourly employees are still expected to keep track of their time in Kronos. Employees and their supervisors are still expected to sign off on their time cards regularly.

Will overtime be offered?

In accordance with College policy, overtime must be approved in advance by the supervisor before it is worked. Employees should not be working overtime without express approval from their supervisor, and this includes any increments over eight regular hours per day.

What if there is a meeting on campus and I am unable to attend in person?

An employee should be in regular contact with their direct supervisor and should immediately inform the supervisor regarding attendance at meetings.

Health Concerns

What if I get hurt while working at home?

Employees are responsible for the safety of their home work environment. Employees are covered by workers compensation while performing telework. All injuries or illnesses associated with work must be reported to HR immediately, and employees must be cooperative with the workers compensation insurance carrier if an investigation must be conducted regarding the injury or illness.

What if someone in my office is sick and I’m concerned?

Please speak to your direct supervisor about your concerns. If the supervisor is unavailable, please contact your HR Business Partner.

What if I need to work from campus and I’m nervous about coming in contact with someone who may have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19)?

You should discuss your concerns directly with their supervisor. Every effort will be made to accommodate you. If you wish to discuss their individual circumstance, you may contact their divisional vice president or HR Business Partner for more assistance.

What precautions should I take if I’m coming work?

For those staff who must work on-site, we will take every precaution to keep our community safe. For one-on-one interactions, when necessary, please remain at a safe physical distance (6 feet). If you are sick, please stay home.

What should I do if I am in a high-risk group?

If you are in a high-risk group, please stay home. California Governor Newsom has directed that those 65 years old or older and those with chronic health conditions isolate themselves at home.

Other Resources

What Other Resources Are Available?

The Employee Assistance Program is available to all faculty and staff 24 hours a day/7 days per week. Please call (800) 234-5465 or log onto www.liveandworkwell.com The access code is claremontcolleges

If I’m getting a physical paycheck, how do I enroll in direct deposit?

Please contact the Payroll Office. The College encourages all faculty, staff and students to have direct deposit whenever possible to not delay the receipt of earnings. (If you have questions regarding your paycheck, please call Lawrence Youhanna at 909-607-3408 or Karen Lamb at ext. 909-607-3974.)

Can I pick up my physical paycheck?

Paychecks on payday will be held in the Payroll Office at 150 E. 8th Street and any paycheck not picked up by 3 p.m. on payday will be mailed to the address on the check. Employees who receive physical paychecks are encouraged to come to the Payroll Office on payday to receive their paychecks.

If I’m required to come to campus for a meeting, will I be reimbursed for travel pay?

Employees will not be reimbursed for travel pay to and from campus as their normal commute.

What if I had a pre-planned, pre-approved vacation?

An employee would be allowed to go on their pre-approved vacation, understanding that these are unique circumstances and supervisors may have to be in contact regarding emergency questions or needs of the College.