Collecting Vaccine Information from Faculty and Staff (4/6/21)

Dear Pomona College staff and faculty,

We are writing to share the good news that our region continues to make progress in controlling the spread of COVID-19, with Los Angeles County now in the orange tier in the state’s reopening plan. We are thankful to our entire community for making safe precautions a priority as we move forward.

This keeps Pomona on track with plans for a limited campus population in summer and the full return of students for fall semester.

Vaccination is key for moving forward. Thank you to everyone who has already been vaccinated or who has set up an appointment to do so. States continue to expand eligibility and, in California, individuals age 50 to 64 are now eligible for vaccination and those 16 and over will be eligible for vaccination on April 15. Higher education employees have been eligible for several weeks now. We urge everyone to get vaccinated as soon as you are eligible and able to secure an appointment, whether you are a student, faculty or staff member. The Claremont Colleges Student Health Services (SHS) has been receiving vaccine supplies intermittently at this point and we urge everyone not to wait for that one path to vaccination if they have other options available. Additional vaccination information can be found at these county websites: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County and San Bernardino County.

As the State of California is broadening access to the vaccines, we are planning to collect data on who in our community is vaccinated. This will be important as we seek to adjust our COVID-19 testing protocols in the coming weeks and months as we look toward the fall semester.

Pomona Safe Protocols are important.  COVID-19 is not yet eradicated in the community, so we remind all individuals working from campus to continue following Pomona Safe protocols, wear face coverings and practice appropriate distancing, Please remember that any member of our community who comes on campus for any reason, for any length of time must fill out the Daily Health Check, prior to their arrival on campus.Recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that as more people are vaccinated, COVID-19 testing priorities may change with a focus on testing non-vaccinated individuals. While we plan to maintain our current testing policies through the end of the academic year, we may change our policies for the summer and fall. Knowing who is vaccinated will be important to this process.

Collecting Vaccine Information from Faculty and Staff.  Beginning today, we are asking all faculty and staff to voluntarily answer the following questionnaire regarding the status of your vaccination in our COVID-19 Vaccine Information Form.

We are asking you to provide the date of your last vaccine (second dose for Pfizer and Moderna, and the single dose for Johnson & Johnson) and, more importantly, to provide an image of your Vaccination Record Card.  You can find simple instructions on how to fill out the form here, in English and in Spanish.

We will extend this request to provide vaccine information to students beginning April 15.

If you do not have a record of your vaccine, you can authorize medical professionals at our campus Hamilton Health Box (HHB) clinic to verify this data from the California state vaccine registry. If you choose not to supply proof of a vaccine or authorize HHB to verify your vaccine, the College will not be able to consider you as having the vaccine for purposes of our public health planning. This means that you will continue to have to be part of COVID-19 testing protocols going forward. 

This data will be made part of your confidential electronic medical personnel file. Your confidential medical personnel file is kept securely in the Human Resources Department. Only the HR staff will have access to this information.

Thank you for your help in continuing the forward progress for our entire community.




Robert Goldberg, vice president, COO and treasurer
 Brenda Rushforth, assistant vice president, human resources, CHRO