COVID-19 Vaccination Update for the College Community (1/26/21)

Dear Pomona College community, 

In our community message last week, we noted the importance of and great interest in vaccinations for COVID-19. Today, at this critical point in the pandemic, we are providing additional information from Dr. Prateek Jindal, director of Student Health Services for The Claremont Colleges.

Under the state’s vaccination plan, education employees are in phase 1B tier one. We encourage all Pomona College faculty and staff members to get vaccinated once they become eligible and supply becomes available, and we will work with all such employees to ensure they have the appropriate identification to present to the county.

To support this critical effort, the Claremont Colleges Student Health Services is seeking approval from the state and “then anticipates placing a vaccine order and hopefully receiving a vaccine allocation from state and local public health authorities,’’ notes Jindal. “Once our application is approved and the supply is provided, SHS will work toward offering a COVID-19 vaccination clinic at The Claremont Colleges. SHS will be allowed to administer COVID-19 vaccinations only when vaccinations for workers in the education sector are green-lighted by public health officials.”

In Dr. Jindal’s message, he also notes that once SHS is approved to provide COVID-19 vaccination, SHS could provide them in the fall for students who have not yet been vaccinated (subject to vaccine availability). Also, if booster vaccines are recommended in the future, SHS would look to provide those as well.

Jindal expects most student vaccinations will occur in Los Angeles County’s Phase 2 of vaccination, though there may be some exceptions during an earlier phase based on a student’s health status and risk factors.

For all students, faculty and staff members, once you are eligible to receive vaccination under your local health authority’s guidelines and are able to secure an appointment, we encourage you to use that process to get vaccinated. Please do not wait for vaccines to arrive at SHS if you have opportunities to be vaccinated sooner.

Below, we’ve provided links to vaccine information for Los Angeles County and several neighboring counties as well. We will continue to offer updates to our community as new information becomes available.



Robert Goldberg, vice president, COO and treasurer
Avis Hinkson, vice president for student affairs and dean of students


County vaccination information:

Los Angeles County
Orange County
Riverside County
San Bernardino County