Return to Campus for Employees – Update and Details (6/7/21)

Dear Faculty and Staff -

We are writing to update you on our plans to return staff to campus.

Beginning today and continuing through the summer many Pomona staff members who had been working from home will begin returning to campus in preparation for the full resumption of campus life.

For the upcoming summer and fall, we will return as many staff as possible while recognizing that some in particular roles will continue to work remotely at least part of the time.

Informed by the survey many of you completed in April, our approach to returning staff to campus is as follows: 

  • Staff who work in offices that provide day-to-day support to students, faculty and other on-site staff will be required to come back to campus no later than Monday, Aug. 2 to prepare for having students in residence and faculty teaching in-person courses.
  • There are a few offices where staff may continue to work from home because their jobs do not require direct day-to-day interaction with students, faculty and other on-site staff.  

For summer and fall, supervisors will have discretion in how they plan to manage a return of staff to campus: 

  • Supervisors of departments providing day-to-day support may consider implementing rotational schedules while ensuring offices are open for business and ready to support our on-campus community; and
  • Supervisors in offices that can continue remote work after Aug. 2 may ask staff to return to work on campus at any given time in order to meet specific needs of the office. 

In short, offices and departments should plan on returning staff to campus no later than Aug. 2 or be ready to implement any rotational schedules no later than Aug. 2. Offices with rotational schedules may continue them through fall semester.

Given the many positive trends and public health outlook, we are now planning for a full return of all staff to campus by spring semester 2022. 

Full details are found in our return to campus policy and FAQs.

We look forward to seeing many of you back on campus in the weeks and months ahead as we move forward together to carry out our vital, in-person educational mission.




Rob Goldberg

VP, Chief Operating Officer and Treasurer


Brenda Rushforth

AVP, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer