Student Vaccine Mandate and Related Protocols (7/26/21)

Dear Colleagues,

We hope you and yours are well. We also hope that your summer is going even better than you anticipated.

We are writing to provide more details of our COVID-19 vaccine mandate for students and inform you of additional protocols. All 7C students will fall into one of the following categories as COVID-19 vaccination is a condition of their enrollment.

Students must either:

  • Provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination to Student Health Services and be fully vaccinated 14 days prior to arrival on campus with a vaccine approved by the World Health Organization,
  • If they’re not vaccinated, they should arrive seven days prior to their approved move-in date to quarantine and be vaccinated on campus following negative COVID tests on the 3rd and 5th day of their quarantine,
  • Or have an approved medical or strongly held religious belief exemption, and therefore, will be quarantined for seven days, tested weekly and required to wear a mask at all times with the exception of when they are in their room or eating.  

Keeping these three categories in mind, we anticipate that approximately 98% of our students will be fully vaccinated by the third week of the fall semester. To that end, we are holding off on 5C events until the week of September 21. One exception is the TCCS Block Party as it has been planned around our flu clinic to assist students in receiving their mandated flu shot by Sept 30. The Student Deans have agreed that Orientation and the first 3 weeks of classes will focus on building individual college unity. We do recognize that classes and small club activities may include 7C participation, however, we are trying to minimize student intermingling, as much as possible, until more of our students are vaccinated. Students are not prohibited from interacting individually with students at the other Claremont Colleges. 

Additional Protocols

  • Student Health Services (SHS) will manage all student verification of COVID-19 documentation, testing, contact tracing, and determining quarantine/isolation requirements and diagnosis in accordance with the CDC guidelines.
  • Students with a positive COVID-19 test will be removed from their room and placed in specific quarantine housing.
  • Vaccinated individuals who have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person and are not symptomatic, do not need to quarantine or isolate.
  • Students who are in required quarantine will have meals delivered to them and will be given COVID-19 tests to self-administer. The COVID-19 test will be picked up by staff and taken to SHS. Students will be notified when they are eligible to end their quarantine. Student identifications cards and/or keys will given or returned students at the end of their quarantine. 
  • Students will be informed of protocols in their community agreement and other related documents. Students who repeatedly do not abide by safety measures will be suspended. 

Student Arrivals to Campus

  • We currently have approximately 30 students living on campus. 
  • Student arrival dates will range from Aug. 6 through Aug. 29for different groups. Keep in mind that each arrival date has students arriving seven days in advance for quarantine purposes. 
  • Only students will be allowed in residence halls. No family members or non-Claremont students will be allowed in residence halls until after September 24. 
  • Since this will be the first time we are managing a quarantine process and orienting first years and sophomores all at the same time, we are not granting requests for early arrivals. We appreciate your support as we try to coordinate a smooth student arrival and return to campus. 

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and we will do our best to provide more information as appropriate. We know that there may be several questions still unresolved, and we will update you as more information becomes available. Thank you for all you have done to support our students as they prepare for their arrival to campus this fall.




Bob Gaines

Rob Goldberg 

Avis Hinkson