Update on Cross Campus Dining (8/17/22)

Dear Pomona College Community,

As we prepare for the new academic year, we share good news that cross campus dining (5C) will occur this semester. Meal plans are set and ready to start on August 27.

Food trucks will also be on campus to provide meals for special events only, and they will be limited to Pomona students on the ultimate meal plan.

At this point, mask wearing will be required when entering the dining halls, and hand washing stations will be available at the entrance of the dining halls as well as hand sanitizer.

Frank and Frary Dining Halls will be open for cross campus dining starting August 27. Cafe 47 and Coop Fountain will also be available to 5C students. Language tables will also be open to cross campus dining later in the semester. 

These plans for 5C dining could change and become more restrictive if Los Angeles County Department of Public Health updates their guidelines or due to a significant increase in COVID-19 cases on campus. 



Dean Hinkson