Update on Plans for Return to Campus of Faculty and Staff (4/8/21)

Dear faculty and staff,

We are enthusiastic about the prospect of reopening campus and returning to what we hope will be more normal operations. As Los Angeles County enters less restrictive tiers, and California plans to reopen the economy on June 15, we plan to return some students in the summer and a full return in the fall. As a result, we will begin a phased return to campus of staff who have been working remotely.

Over the past month, a team of staff and faculty from across the College have been meeting to develop our approach to returning staff to campus. We want to thank the members of the team for their thoughtfulness and rigor in working through the issues that many of us will face as we return to campus. We also have been consulting the COVID Planning and Reopening group on our reopening plans and we want to thank them as well for their input.

You can find the draft return to campus policy and frequently asked questions in our portal that outline our approach. The policy is based on the principle that our mission is best achieved when students, faculty and staff can learn, teach and work together, and support each other as an on-campus community. While our goal is to eventually return to a full on-campus community, we recognize that the coming year will be a transition year marked by the need to maintain public health protocols.

To learn more about the College’s phased return to work, we invite you to attend a town hall meeting on Tuesday, April 13 at noon PT where we will present our plan in more detail and welcome questions. The draft policy and FAQs provide more information that we will discuss at next week’s town hall (see more information below).

The phased return of staff to campus will begin between Monday, June 7 and Monday, August 2, depending on which staff members are needed to support summer programs.

Given that departments and offices across the College perform different functions, not all staff will need to return to campus this summer and fall.  Staff whose job responsibilities, in whole or in part, necessitate a presence on campus to support the day-to-day activities our entire community (students, faculty, alumni, friends and families) will be required to work on campus while other staff may work in roles that can reasonably be performed remotely during this transition year. Members of executive staff and HR will determine those offices that must maintain a presence on campus and who can continue to work remotely.

The policy also gives supervisors discretion in how to manage the return of their staff. For example, supervisors in offices required to be on campus can institute rotational schedules as long as the office remains open for business. Conversely, supervisors in offices that can work remotely can ask staff to return to campus to undertake a specific effort or other activities. In early May we will be providing information sessions for supervisors on the policy and its implementation.

For more details, please review the materials describing our approach to our return to campus.

We look forward to seeing you at next week’s town hall meeting. 


Topic: Return to Campus Town Hall

Time: Apr. 13, 2021 12:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting: (please see campus email for link)



Robert Goldberg, vice president, COO and treasurer
Brenda Rushforth, assistant vice president, human resources, CHRO