Update on SHS COVID-19 Vaccine Availability (3/8/21)

I’m writing with a quick update regarding COVID-19 vaccine distribution for our community.

Los Angeles County has allotted Student Health Services its first batch of vaccines, a total of 100 doses, which will be divided equally among The Claremont Colleges. Pomona is offering its allotment of 12 doses, on a voluntary basis, to our frontline workers in grounds, housekeeping, maintenance and dining through a lottery system.

We expect more vaccine supply will come to SHS in time, but we urge everyone who is able to get vaccinated at the first available opportunity and not wait. Higher education employees became eligible for vaccination under Los Angeles County guidelines March 1, and we expect vaccine availability will increase in the weeks and months ahead.

Additional vaccination information can be found at these county websites:  

Please note the L.A. County documentation requirements for showing you work in higher education are pasted below.

Rob Goldberg


You must bring document(s) to show all 3 of the following:

(Note: one document may cover more than one requirement e.g. a work badge with photo and an LA County workplace would meet all 3 criteria).  

  1. Photo ID (does not have to be government issued), and
  2. Proof that you live or work in LA County (if your other documents do not include your home or work address, see list for acceptable items ), and
  3. Proof that you work in the education sector.

Examples include:

  • Work badge with photo  

  • Professional license  
  • Payment stub with your name
  • Attestation letter from your employer which includes your name, and the name and address of the organization.  

Second doses only  

  • White vaccine record card or electronic vaccine record AND a photo ID