Vaccine Status and Next Steps (8/13/21)

Dear faculty and staff --

A few weeks ago, we outlined our COVID-19 vaccine mandate and the response has been overwhelming.  Vaccines are key to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and greatly reducing the risk that an infected person will be hospitalized. We are happy report that more than 90 percent of all Pomona faculty and staff are fully vaccinated.

Our policy did allow for exemptions for valid medical reasons and deeply held religious beliefs. We also permitted faculty and staff to request a deferral from the vaccine requirements until 30 days after the Food and Drug Administration provides full approval of one of the three vaccines in use in the U.S.

We have received a small number of requests for medical exemptions, religious exemptions and deferrals and we are in the process of reviewing these requests. In most cases, we expect to let individuals know whether their requests have been approved by Monday, Aug. 23.

Here is how the process will work.

If you have received the vaccine, please upload your vaccine record as soon as possible.

For faculty and staff who applied for a deferral, Human Resources will send you a letter approving your request. Remember that you have 30 calendar days after the FDA acts to fully approve one of the vaccines to provide proof of being vaccinated. Press reports indicate that the FDA may act soon, so please make your plans accordingly.

We are reviewing requests for medical and religious exemptions. There may be some cases where we will reach out for more information so please be responsive to these requests. In these hopefully limited cases we will provide you with more specific instructions on next steps.

A small number of faculty and staff did not respond to our request and are therefore not compliant with our policy. We will be reaching out to them individually to ensure full compliance.

Once again, thank you for your cooperation and patience. We appreciate your support in our collective efforts to keep our community safe.



Rob Goldberg
VP, COO and Treasurer

Brenda Rushforth
AVP for Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer