Collection Study Room

Collection Study Room

Inside the study roomThe Collection Study Room in the Pomona College Museum of Art provides a portal into the art collections of the College. The room functions as both storage and gallery, with open table space and walls for short-term display of objects not on view in the exhibition galleries. Providing an opportunity for close examination of works of art without the barriers normally needed for public display, the Collection Study Room gives students, faculty, and selected members of the public intimate contact with original works of art.

A generous gift from Carlton and Laura Seaver allowed the Museum to update the traditional role of a collection study space by equipping it as a state-of-the art “smart classroom.” Computer, datalines, DVD, and overhead projection make it possible for members of the faculty to present illustrated lectures in combination with immediate access to the College’s art collection. Smart classroom technology also offers real-time access to the on-line collection databases of other institutions in order to compare the object under study with similar works. The smart classroom technology brings access to the collections into the 21st century, melding the study of tangible, physical objects with the virtual and encyclopedic resources of the Web.


The Collection Study Room is open by appointment only during regular museum hours Tuesday through Friday from 12-5 pm. Visits outside of regular hours may also be available by appointment. Please contact the Museum at least a week in advance to schedule visits.

Reservations - Visiting and viewing the collections

Choose works that you would like to view, and send an email of selected works to Steve Comba and include the following:

Artist, title, and accession number (accession number starts with a P and is followed by numbers, example: P74.13). Please limit the number of objects to no more than ten per visit.

School affiliation, class title and department, name, email, phone number, and number of students in class (room capacity is 15-18, larger numbers can be accommodated by advance notice).

Dates which you would like to view the objects. Please allow a week for objects to be pulled. Please have more than one date available, to allow for appointment conflicts.