Election Day Eternal Telethon: Eternal Talk-a-thon!!

Election Day Eternal Telethon: Eternal Talk-a-thon!!
Tuesday, November 6, 2012,
12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Eternal Telethon is an online, artist-run telethon whose goal is to raise funds to build a convalescent home for retired artists located at the Salton Sea. It’s a variety show featuring dozens of artists’ lo-fi performances, including music, skits, lectures, rants and more. The variously themed telethons occur at different locations for each broadcast, and can be seen live on the Internet via Ustream. Convened on Election Day 2012, the Eternal Talk-a-thon will focus on public speaking, political speech, casting spells, and politicking on behalf of artists so that they might one day find some respite at their new home, the Salton Sea. http://eternaltelethon.com

The Eternal Talk-a-thon will feature artists Michael Gerald Bauer, Jennifer Bruce, Johan Buverton, Audrey Chan, Marco di Domenico, Alexis Disselkoen, Jack Heard, Gustavo Herrera, Sally Spitz & Christine Wang, Johnnie JungleGuts, Elana Mann, Adam Overton, The People’s Microphony Camerata, Christy Roberts, Cindy Short, Matt Siegle, Marcos Siref, Niko Solorio, Vitamin Wig C, and James H. White, II as Leopard Full of Book Club!!

The People's Microphony Camerata (PMC) is a radical choir based in Los Angeles that explores the emergent technology of the People's Mic, popularized during the Occupy Movement. The PMC was founded by ARLA (Audile Receptives Los Angeles, or A Ripe Little Archive, or Annie, Rachel, Linda, Alice) members, Elana Mann and Juliana Snapper in 2012. They have been collecting scores from artists, composers, and activists to be performed via the PMC at future events, and will be leading a workshop and performance with students in Claremont.