Changes and Continuities

Changes and Continuities: Japanese Paintings from the Sanso Collection

Japanese Paintings from the Sanso Collection
November 2 - December 19, 1999
Opening Reception:Saturday, November 6, 3-5 PM

From the 14th to 19th centuries, Japanese artists explored various ways to portray individuals and to represent the landscape, using different artistic styles and media. This exhibition juxtaposes paintings of similar subjects, chosen from the renowned Sanso Collection, to compare how artists employed compositional elements, brushwork techniques and distinctive formats to create unique works of personal expression. From Buddhist deities to Zen eccentrics, towering cliffs to stormy seas, these images reveal both innovative and conservative traditions within the arts of Japan over a period of five hundred years.

The exhibition was organized by Guest Curator Bruce Coats, Professor of Art, Scripps College.