Hirokazu Kosaka's exhibition "Pick of the Week" in IE Weekly

"Hirokazu Kosaka: On the Verandah Selected Works 1969-1974" in Inland Empire Weekly

Hirokazu Kosaka is—to say the least—a character. Well into his ’60s, the man behind a compelling series of images and films executed in the early ‘70s, is still making headlines. A vessel of innovative ideas completely ahead of his time, Kosaka’s work has a relevant and dynamic content that speaks to present day art. The inventive performance artist didn’t get this lavish reputation by following and conforming to the rules of his time nor culture, but by combining ideas and imagery of forward thinking, as well as meshing them with cross cultural influences. Originating from Kyoto, Japan, Kosaka made the over 5,000 mile journey from Japan to Los Angeles at the age of 18. Here, he began studying painting at the Chouinard Art Institute. While profoundly influenced by Buddhist spirituality, Zen archery, Noh and Kabuki theatre, he interconnected his knowledge of these subjects with his new found interest in the contemporary art scene of Southern California. Merging avant-garde imagery and spiritual practices such as meditation, Kosaka’s artistry expanded—transforming into a captivating and ingenious series of performance, as well as conceptual pieces unlike any others of his era. Join the Pomona College Museum of Art in commemorating Kosaka for his exploratory and groundbreaking mind works.