KCET.org's Artbound article featuring Hirokazu Kosaka by Meher McArthur

"Infinite Maybes: The Liminal Spaces of Hirokazu Kosaka" by Meher McArthur on KCET.org's Artbound

For decades, Los Angeles-based Japanese artist Hirokazu Kosaka has explored the concept of in-between spaces. An artist, ordained Buddhist priest, gallery director and archery master, Kosaka himself inhabits many of these in-between spaces - the space between East and West, between stillness and motion, between physical and spiritual. He has often compared these spaces with the engawa, the verandah in traditional Japanese architecture, a wooden corridor that surrounds traditional buildings and is separated from the inside and outside by sliding screen doors. The verandah is literally a space in-between the interior and exterior; maybe it's inside, maybe it's outside, depending on which doors are opened. On the verandah and in other in-between spaces, Kosaka sees "infinite maybes," the potential for anything to happen.