Pomona College News Takes a Closer Look at Project Series 47: Krysten Cunningham: Ret, Scutch, Heckle

"Pomona College Museum of Art's 'Project Series' Hits 47," by Sneha Abraham, Pomona College News

The Project Series at Pomona College Museum of Art finally made it to exhibit No. 47 this semester. Landing on Pomona’s magic number makes it a good time to get the story behind the Project Series.

Started in 1999 by Museum Senior Curator Rebecca McGrew ’85, the Project Series exhibitions focus on emerging artists in Southern California. McGrew researches and selects artists and collaborates with them to create publications to complement their exhibits. The artists come to campus for talks, workshops and other educational programming, engaging the College and wider community with their work.

McGrew, a Pomona psychology major who returned in 1996 after getting a master’s in art history from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and then working for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MOCA) and the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, wanted to offer support to artists in the Southern California art community through the series.