Pomona College's The Student Life reviews Art and Activism in the U.S.

"American Activist Art Exhibition is Approachable and Provocative" by Shelby Wax

Art and Activism in the U.S., a showcase of art that has influenced change in America, opened in the Pomona College Museum of Art ramp gallery Jan. 22. Frances Pohl, the Dr. Mary Ann Vanderzyl Reynolds ’56 Professor in the Humanities and Art History, was the sole curator of the exhibit, which is comprised of pieces from the museum's permanent collection that were made within the last 90 years.

“Everyone should see the museum as a place where they can bring their ideas and insights, no matter what their prior understanding about art," Pohl said. “Art and Activism contains works that are quite accessible to a broad public, but at the same time, the more you look at them and talk about them with other people, the more ideas emerge about both the subject matter and the way in which the artist has organized the visual material.”