Pomona College's The Student Life writes about Pomona College Senior Exhibition: Curiouser

"Pomona Studio Art Majors Pique Curiosity" by Cleo Spencer, The Student Life

In the few weeks leading up to finals, our lives can lose a bit of their wonder. The time for thoughtful musings and questions is over as we are trapped by the expectation that we know all the answers for our exams. But at Curiouser, the Pomona College Senior Art Exhibition on display at the Pomona College Museum of Art, you’ll find no such expectation. Here you are just expected, well, to be curious.

Why is there pie as you walk into the museum? Can I really stand inside the knitted tube? Is this what an actual tattoo parlor looks like? Why is there a cat? Is that a strap-on? What languages are they speaking? How did they make this? Why?

These are a few of the questions that might stumble into your consciousness as you weave your way through the work of the nine seniors on display: Justyna Bicz PO ’13, Adam Chung PO ’13, Nicole S. Lee PO ’13, Sarah Olson PO ’13, Erica Reiss PO ’13, Meryl Seward PO ’13, Alexis Sones PO ’13, Juliette Walker PO ’13, and Lucas Wrench PO ’13.