Pomona College's The Student Life's article on Nuance of Sky

Pomona Art Museum Explores Nuance of Sky by Jenny Heyside

“Nuance of Sky: Edgar Heap of Birds Invites Spirit Objects to Join His Art Practice” is the name of the new Pomona College Museum of Art exhibit. There you will find historic Native American artwork, curated from Pomona’s permanent collection by renowned artist Hock E Aye Vi Edgar Heap of Birds, alongside Heap of Birds’s own contemporary pieces. 

Two Pomona students who were involved in the early stages of the exhibit expressed positive reactions to the final product and the success of the exhibit in educating the Claremont community on the often-overlooked genre of Native American art.

“Pomona has an incredible collection of Native American art that has not been too accessible to the public, so this exhibit was the perfect way for that to happen while tying in [older pieces from the permanent collection] with contemporary art,” Benjamin Kersten PO ’15 said.