Santa Barbara Independent's Charles Donelan Highlights John Divola's 3-Part Retrospective

"John Divola's Photography - Three-Part Show Examines California Artist's Career" by Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent

At 50 inches high by 119 inches wide, the color photograph “As Far as I Could Get, 10 Seconds, 12_15_2010, 3:29 PM to 3:42 PM PST” is big and even more packed with detail than its full title, which goes on to include geographical coordinates for the site where it was taken in Twentynine Palms. The silvery green leaves of a colossal stand of tamarisk trees spread abundantly from its center toward the edges of the frame, a riot of vegetation captured in stunning high resolution. Yet the title inevitably steers one’s attention away from the trees and toward the small figure of a man running at what appears to be full speed through a small opening between them.