Carmen Winant Writes about "John Divola: As Far as I Could Get" in Frieze

If you are looking for an artist whose lifetime of work coalesces neatly, John Divola is not your man. The Southern California photographer, now 63, has been working across some blend of documentary photography, conceptual practice, performance and installation for the past four decades. In all that time, I don't think he has ever made anything that looks fashionable. A selection of Divola's work is on view in three distinct but concurrent exhibitions (none of them, by the artist's request, is a retrospective) at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and Pomona College Museum of Art. It's an interesting, unfamiliar conceit; each show has its own set of unique works and curatorial strategy. Taken together, they affirm Divola as an artist for whom intellectual constraints and categories will never take hold.