Christopher Knight, LA Times Art Critic, Reviews Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane

"Review: '#sweetjane' fuses art, a horrific crime to powerful effect," by Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times

Andrea Bowers' installation at Pomona and Pitzer college galleries goes beyond a rape in Steubenville, Ohio, to examine social mores, media and victimization in a digital age.

"#sweetjane," the newest group of drawings, video and installations by artist Andrea Bowers, takes as its emotionally wrenching subject a widely reported 2012 news story. A drunken 16-year-old girl in Steubenville, Ohio, was raped after a raucous party by two high school football players not much older than she.

Like Théodore Géricault grappling with the scandalous news stories of government malfeasance in the deadly shipwreck of the Medusa in 19th century France, Bowers' art has often merged piercing insight about current events with social activism. She continues that fusion here, to impressive effect.

The show is presented in two parts, one at Pomona College Museum of Art and the other at Pitzer College Art Galleries, both in Claremont. (It was organized by Rebecca McGrew and Ciara Ennis, Pomona and Pitzer curators respectively.) The school location is a pointed reflection of the subject's awful events.