Ed Fuentes for KCET Highlights "Prometheus: 1930/2017"

"Monthly Mural Wrap: A Dozen Tags for May, 2014," by Ed Fuentes KCET

One project for "Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA" is "Prometheus: 1930/2017," a look at how José Clemente Orozco's fresco at Pomona College, the first mural painted in the U.S. by a member of Los Tres Grandes, moved Latino art forward. Pomona College will examine the politics of "Orozco's mural through the lens of contemporary Mexican artists who are producing a variety of socially-engaged and politically activist artworks, including forms of public intervention and social practice," according to The Getty. It will also look at socially-engaged art has been positioned in public space since the 1920s, the impact of conceptual post-minimalist art of the 1990s, to the current "emergence of trans-disciplinary actions.