PO's The Student Life writes "Project Series 49: Sam Falls" Explores Environmental Forces Through Art

"Sam Falls Unites Art, Nature in Series 49," by Catherine Mosier-Mills, The Student Life

Whether it's a truck rusting in the sun or dusted palm fronds, artist Sam Falls integrates the environment into his work.

“Project Series 49: Sam Falls,” an exhibition on display in Pomona College’s Museum of Art (PCMA) since Sept. 2, focuses on the effects of decomposition and deterioration on the environment. The exhibition combines natural and manmade materials to explore the relationship between reality and perception, through the eyes of Falls. 

PCMA Senior Curator and Sam Falls Curator Rebecca McGrew saw huge potential in Falls’ approach when compiling this year’s series. He is internationally recognized for his nuanced photography, sculptures and paintings.

“Sam Falls’ work was brought to my attention a couple years ago,” McGrew said. “I had a studio visit with him where I was most impressed with the originality of his work and the rigor of his process.”

The Project Series focuses on showcasing work from emerging or under-represented Southern California artists. The work in these series is often bold and experimental, bringing artistic forms to campus that may be difficult to find elsewhere. McGrew and Falls decided that the truck and plant pieces would be the best ones to exhibition at Pomona, in part because of the college’s long-standing tradition of practicing sustainability.