University of La Verne's Campus Times Writes about Art After Hours

"Artistic Displays Open at the Close," by Cody Luk, Campus Times

On Thursday evenings after closing hours, the sound of live music, artists speaking at workshops and people discussing exhibitions are still evident at the Pomona College Museum of Art for Art After Hours.

Events include KSPC 88.7 FM sponsoring live concerts, opening receptions, artists’ panels and more, causing students and community members from close and afar attend for different purposes.

“I heard about Art After Hours a few days ago when I came in here,” said Pomona College freshman Evan DeLorenzo. “I came again today since I am interested in the museum.”

Exhibitions on view during museum hours and Art After Hours include “David Mich­alek: Figure Studies,” “John Divola: As Far As I Could Get,” “Project Series 46: Hirokazu Kosaka: On The Verandah Selected Works 1969-1974” and “Resonant Minds: Abstraction and Perception.”