Guerrilla Girls Challenge Sexism by Brooke Grasso for the University of La Verne's Campus Times

"Guerrilla artists challenge sexism," by Brooke Grasso, Campus Times, University of La Verne

More than 400 men and women came for the Guerrilla Girls performance in Edmunds Ballroom at Pomona College Feb. 5, as the Girls threw bananas into the audience to kick off the show.

Then the two masked Guerrilla Girls read quotes from different times in history.

Mockery and comedy are the basis for the group’s performance art. They read sexist quotes from Martin Luther, Pythagoras and others – in sarcastic tones that amused the audience.

The feminist group members keep their anonymity by taking the names of deceased female artists ­– and wearing gorilla masks for every appearance.

Occasionally the Girls’ participation in the group is even unknown to their mothers.

Throughout Thursday’s performance, the Girls continued to get their point across in a comedic way and informed the audience of all their work since they began in 1985.

Their witty and mocking tone is apparent in all of the work that they do, keeping the audience inspired as well as entertained.

“Being unique (is) not being afraid of saying what you want and going against the grain,” Ben Feldman, student curator of the Guerrilla Girls exhibit, said.

An exhibit of the Guerrilla Girls’ artwork is also featured in the Pomona College Museum of Art, “Guerrilla Girls: Art in Action.” The exhibit brings a new perspective to the museum and informs students of issues in the world today.