Past Project Series 24 artist Amy Myers in Hyperallergic

“Drawing a Universe of Cosmic Sexuality,” by Clarity Haynes, Hyperallergic

The artist Eric Fischl once called Amy Myers’s abstract drawings “totems to Cosmic Sexuality.” These words may seem hyperbolic, unless you’ve seen her startling, lacy constructions in the flesh. Her imagery is founded on vulva-like forms that emerge from a central axis, recalling the “central core” or vaginal imagery in early feminist work by artists like Judy Chicago. (Myers claims Lee Bontecou and Roberto Matta as artistic influences.) To my eye, Myers builds upon early feminist art in exploring the powerful intersection of sexuality and spirituality, revamped for the 21st century.

Spectral Bond, Light as Spiral, at McKenzie Fine Art, is Myers’s first solo show in New York in seven years. Her last exhibition, at Mike Weiss Gallery, featured gargantuan drawings that towered over the viewer. Her current show, while still imposing, is more intimate in scale. Entering the exhibition, one encounters a suite of four large, chromatically austere drawings, whose irregular, widely spaced presentation accentuates their subtle asymmetry. Towards the back, there is a group of smaller pieces in a sort of nook. These framed drawings bring to mind illuminated manuscripts with their precise, ornamental style.

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