Pomona College’s The Student Life covers community forum about the new museum

“Pomona Presents New Art Museum Plan to City Residents,” by Elizabeth Lee, The Student Life 

Pomona College hosted a community meeting on Sept. 29 at Millikan Laboratory to discuss the progress on planning its new art museum. In attendance were various members of the campus and Claremont community, as well as speakers Pomona President David Oxtoby, Museum Director Kathleen Howe, master planner Scott Smith and architect Jeffrey Birchard.

The new museum is still in its early stages of development, but it will eventually replace Pomona's current art museum. The museum’s supporters expect that it will be more conducive to hosting classes and special events as well as for housing traveling exhibitions and permanent collections.

“Effective learning in a museum happens when it is flexible enough, has the space, and provides the access to the collection that permits different modes of engagement,” Howe wrote in an email to TSL.

According to the presenters at the community meeting, the museum’s mission is to intellectually engage both students and members of the surrounding community through exhibitions, educational programs, and events. Howe said that the museum will possibly have seminar rooms to allow students to discuss and study works of art.