Pomona College’s The Student Life writes about “R.S.V.P. Los Angeles”

Pomona Museum of Art Exhibits Work by Underrepresented Artists,” by Sophie Rader, The Student Life

Experimental artwork is celebrated in “R.S.V.P. Los Angeles: The Project Series at Pomona,” which is currently on display at the Pomona College Museum of Art. Curator Rebecca McGrew, along with the entire museum staff, organized the exhibit, which opened this past Saturday. The exhibition consists of works from various underrepresented contemporary Los Angeles artists.

McGrew envisioned the Project Series nearly two decades ago. A draft of the 1998 mission statement outlines the series’ intent to promote underrepresented artists from Southern California and to explore experimental art.

“The Project Series enhances the Museum’s role as a laboratory for exploring innovative, cross-disciplinary collaborations and ideas and to serve as a catalyst for new knowledge,” the statement reads.