Pomona College announces a new webpage to learn more about the proposed Museum of Art

This is the new web page http://www.pomona.edu/new-PCMA/ with the latest, most accurate information about Pomona College’s Master Plan and the new Pomona College Museum of Art (PCMA). While this page serves as a key opportunity to keep our Claremont neighbors informed, it is also helpful for our community. One way to stay informed about the project is to visit the page here. Once they have been scheduled, the page will include a list of future public forums, including special informational meetings just for our community.
We will be scheduling a forum just for Pomona College faculty and staff sometime in the next few weeks. Kathleen Howe, Sarah Rempel and Herbert S. Rempel '23 Director of the Pomona College Museum of Art and Professor of Art History, and others will be there to provide you with additional information and answer your questions about the Master Plan and the proposed PCMA. If you would like to submit a question ahead of time, please feel free to do so by emailing NewPCMA@pomona.edu. We will then bring these questions to the faculty/staff forum.