Artist James Turrell says Drake 'honored my work' by Elahe Izadi in The Washington Post

"Artist James Turrell says Drake 'honored my work'," by Elahe Izadi, The Washington Post

James Turrell is a visionary artist who has been exploring light, color and space for decades through his groundbreaking work.

But despite his prominence in the art world, most people now know him as the inspiration behind Drake’s “Hotline Bling” video. The visuals resemble Turrell’s work.

The director of “Hotline Bling” has previously said any connection between the video and Turrell is merely accidental. But since the release of Drake’s wildly popular music video, which has inspired countless memes and parodies, many have pointed out the similarities it has with Turrell’s art.

This week, Turrell was asked during an interview with Post art and architecture critic Philip Kennicott about his favorite Drake song. “This is very interesting because you can think that you have some importance by involvement in the art world, but you know popular culture is so much more,” Turrell said.

“He honored my work and I was flattered by that,” Turrell continued. “Actually, I’ve enjoyed a lot more attention since he got involved.