Trump comes under fire and artists aren't afraid to get political at Art Basel Miami Beach featuring past project series artist Andrea Bowers

"Artists Aren't Afraid to Get Political at Art Basel Miami Beach," by Brian Boucher, ArtNet News

At Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects, you can’t miss a work by Andrea Bowers that the artist created after the emergence of the Access Hollywood hot mic recording of then-candidate Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women.

“Don’t touch me,” reads the sign, with electric lights inside cardboard letters in reference to the typical material for signs at protest marches.

Vielmetter’s whole booth is topical, with Karl Haendel’s large drawing of Hillary Clinton as well as Pope.L’s painting Gold People Dance Contest 1931, ominously referring, Vielmetter pointed out, to the year of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

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"Trump Comes Under Fire From Artists at Prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach," by Steve Brenner, Heatstreet

At prestigious Art Basel Miami Beach, America’s biggest modern art fair, galleries are taking on Donald Trump.

Los Angeles gallery owner Susanne Vielmetter is going out of her way to convey a strong political message with numerous provocative displays.

With a nod to Trump’s ‘locker room talk’ about women, a cardboard artwork by Andrea Bowers screaming ‘Don’t touch me’ flashes wildly on the wall. Perhaps it’s also a nod to Trump lieutenant Corey Lewandowski’s notorious CNN confrontation in which he snapped “Don’t Touch Me” at Christine Quinn.

Guests, iPhones firmly in hand, flock with a mixture of bemusement and interest. Some get it. Some don’t. Nevertheless Bowers’ piece, made from cardboard in homage to placards used by protesters, sold for $32,000.

Another Bowers display centers on the Dream Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors), which aims to help children illegally brought across the border, something that may be under threat from a Trump Presidency.

“My gallery has always been very political, it’s part of our mission statement,” Vielmetter told Heat Street. The gallery owner is also shopping a striking portrait by Karl Haendel of Hillary Clinton for $32,000.

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