Frederick Hammersley at the Venice gallery L.A. Louver a review by David Pagel in Los Angeles Times

"Frederick Hammersley at L.A. Louver: There's more than meets the eye," by David Pagel, Los Angeles Times

If you're familiar with the paintings of Frederick Hammersley, you'll be thrilled to see this beautifully installed survey at the Venice gallery L.A. Louver.

And if you're new to the art of Hammersley (1919-2009), then you're in for an even bigger treat.

The installation of 98 works that Hammersley made from 1937 to 1991 provides an eye-opening introduction to the two bodies of work for which he is revered: his organic and geometric abstractions.

Fantastic examples of each stop you and make you wonder how Hammersley could do so much with so little, transforming snuggly abutted blobs and eccentrically interlocked slabs of supersaturated color into odd compositions abuzz with befuddling possibilities.