Project Series 51 artist Hillary Mushkin's Incendiary Traces in Landscape Architecture Magazine by Mimi Zeiger

"A New Exhibit Embeds Artists in Military Landscapes," by Mimi Zeiger, Landscape Architecture Magazine

"Landscapes are both places we live in and the pictures of them," says Hillary Mushkin. The Los Angeles-based artist has been exploring and documenting landscapes, especially as they relate to war, since the early 2000s. Her latest exhibition, Project Series 51: Incendiary Traces, is on view at California's Pomona College Museum of Art until May. "Pictures of landscapes are used for political purposes," Mushkin continues. "Maps are political. That's what they are for—to control spaces, to understand a territory, and to do things with what you understand about it. When I talk about landscapes, I am trying to bring the two meanings—place and pictures—together."