Wakana Kimura from "R.S.V.P. Los Angeles" exhibition in new show "Natural Selections" at Brand Library & Art Center

"'Natural Selections' at Brand Library & Art Center," The Rafu Shimpo

GLENDALE — Inspirited by nature, the vivid compositions of five Los Angeles-based artists will transform the gallery at Brand Library & Art Center, 1601 W. Mountain St. in Glendale, from May 13 to July 1.

“Natural Selections” features the artwork of Amabelle Aguiluz, Sarajo Frieden, Wakana Kimura, Karin Lanzoni and Hiroko Yoshimoto in an exhibition that embraces the fluid and instinctive nature of each artist’s practice while honoring the sophistication of their invention.

Opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 13, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Kimura’s artwork, monumental in size, appears to pay homage to the Abstract Expressionist movement of the West and the bold Zen Buddhist brush painting of her home country, Japan. The raw energy of the work, expressed in sweeping lines and splashes of color, is the initial seduction, but upon closer reflection the meticulous detail of the work emerges. Against the dynamic strokes of her calligraphic outbursts are fastidiously drawn patterns, symbols, animals, plants and deities from Buddhist iconography.