Standard Room Furnishings

Each student is provided with a bed, dresser, desk, chair and waste basket. Students must bring their own sheets, pillows, blankets, bedspreads and bath linens. The mattress measurements are 38 by 80 inches (twin extra long). All rooms have overhead lighting and private closet space. Most rooms have concrete or vinyl tile floors.

Personal Furnishings

Although your room will be furnished with the items listed above, a personal touch or two will make it more your own. Students are not allowed to paint their rooms, but you should consider bringing an area rug, bookshelves, posters, pillows, a desk lamp and speakers. Small refrigerators are also allowed. 

Items not permitted in rooms due to fire hazard and circuit overload are window unit air-conditioners, hot plates, sun lamps, coffee makers and electrical cooking equipment. If a medical condition requires that you have an air-conditioned room, contact the office of Housing & Residence Life prior to July 3.

Useful Items to Bring or Get at the "Re-Coop" Store

A few useful items to bring are a bicycle (with a strong U-shaped lock), an electric fan, desk light, hangers, extension cords, headphones, an Ethernet cable, a power strip, space savers, a bedspread, blankets, a pillow, towels, a laundry bag or hamper, and personal effects such as posters to improve the atmosphere of your room.  These items may also be available at the "Re-Coop" sale during Move-In Day or at the "Re-Coop" store on campus, which is located in Walker Hall.

Huntley Bookstore has technology and office supplies. On Move-In Day, Bed Bath & Beyond will have a pop-up booth on campus with products for sale and you may also have some free time for last-minute shopping trips to the Montclair Place Mall, Target (Montclair), Walmart (Upland), Office Depot (La Verne), Staples (Upland), Vons (Claremont), or Walgreen Pharmacy (Upland or Pomona).

Please be aware that all beds are "twin extra long" and that regular fitted sheets will not stretch to fit. (Twin extra long sheets can be purchased at Target, Sears, JC Penney, linen stores or online on Amazon and similar shopping sites). Later this summer, you will be contacted by your sponsor who will be able to answer questions concerning your specific residence hall. Please ask them about anything that concerns you.

Each student room is equipped with a phone jack with a private extension. If you choose to activate the phone line, you must provide your own phone. Long-distance calling service is available only through the use of a calling card or cell phone. Please refer to the section on telephones in this guide.


Pets are not permitted in the residence halls unless they are small, consistently caged, legal in California, benign, non-poisonous, and not objectionable to staff or other residents in the living area. Dogs and cats are prohibited.

Disallowed Items

Items not allowed in the residence halls include firearms (including BB guns and air rifles), swords, "nunchucks," blackjacks, knives, or any other items that can serve as a weapon, even if they are not illegal, are ornamental, or used for decoration.  Serious disciplinary consequences may result from violating this prohibition.

For fire safety, cooking appliances with heating elements (hot plates) or fueled by butane and open flame devices, including incense and candles, are not allowed. 

For more information on residence hall regulations, policies, and emergency procedures, please read the Student Handbook.