One of the cornerstones of the Pomona College student experience is faculty advising, and for first-year students, the ID1 seminar.

Get to Know Faculty

Your faculty advisors are also a key component of the first year experience. The faculty are here not only to teach, but to guide you and help you find resources.

Your job this year is to get to know two professors really well. Develop a relationship that can last longer than your time at Pomona. Ask a faculty member to lunch; they have funds to meet with you. Ask about their area of research. When you go to their office, look at their bookshelves. What are they reading? What led them to develop their area of specialty? As you ask these questions, you will begin to understand their intellectual pursuits, which may also interest you.

Academic Resources

The Academic Support Resources provide peer instruction to help you develop strategic learning skills and assist in achieving your personal intellectual potential, as well as promote leadership and service learning opportunities for the fellows who provide the instruction.

Academic Support Resources (ASR) focus on writing, quantitative skills, language acquisition, and strategic learning strategies.

  • Sage Academic Fellows - If you are seeking help with general time management and/study skills, the Learning Fellows will be able to get you on track.
  • Quantitative Skills Center (QSC) -For any student taking a math or science course, or a course that uses quantitative (mathematical) skills, the QSC Fellows are here to meet with you individually or in a group.
  • The Writing Center - The Writing Center at Pomona provides students with a community of experienced readers and writers, offering free, one-on-one consultations at any stage of the writing process—from generating a thesis and structuring an argument to fine-tuning a draft.
  • Foreign Language Resource Center (FLRC) - The FLRC is not only a physical space for language students and faculty, but also a unit that provides professional development, research, and instructional language technology support.

Helpful Readings

The 7 Habits of Effective Advisees

  1. Get to know your advisors and professors.
  2. Learn to ask for help and use academic resources.
  3. Learn how things work at Pomona.
  4. Join an organization and make friends beyond your sponsor group.
  5. Explore the breadth of the five areas of study and enjoy a diversity of interests.
  6. Take care of your physical and mental health.
  7. Start early to explore the liberal arts and your life's work.