Academics alone are not responsible for a successful first-year experience. Your physical, emotional and social well-being is equally as important.

The transition to college is a major life event that challenges everyone. You are not alone if you’re finding yourself stressed by your new living space or roommate, making new friends, keeping up with your studies, and creating healthy eating and sleeping patterns. Staying physically active helps you emotionally and is a way to connect with other students, whether through gym visits, PE classes or sports.

Finding Help

If you or a friend is having a hard time, speak with your sponsor or RA, or make an appointment at Monsour Counseling and Psychological Services. Thinking the stress will take care of itself, or using alcohol or other substances to cope, will only cause more problems. Start on a positive note by taking care of your stress.

Jasa Cocke is Pomona College’s confidential Drug and Alcohol Counselor. Her office is in Wig Hall A-18, and email address is

The EmPOWER Center serves as a 7C resource dedicated to helping prevent sexual violence, dating/domestic violence and stalking, and to enhancing the ability to care for and support student affected by these forms of violence. A Project Sister counselor is available at the center and can be reached at (909) 623-1619 to schedule an appointment. The EmPOWER Center is located at 1030 Dartmouth Ave., and can be reached at (909) 607-2689.

Student Health Services (SHS) is here to help you take care of your physical well-being. If you are feeling ill or need prescriptions, immunizations, lab services, women’s health, family planning, STD testing and other services, contact Student Health Services.

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