Community Engagement adventure

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Community Engagement adventure
Community Engagement
Loosening the ground with pitchforks

Eager to see L.A. and also lend a hand to those in need? The Community Engagement Adventure enjoys an itinerary that combines aspects of community service with the recreational activities of the Beach OA. You will participate in several community service activities. Although all OA trips have some portion of service project, this trip is designed to give you four days of giving back!

With hundreds of volunteer and charitable organizations in the area, Los Angeles is truly a city of angels. You can become one of them. Over the course of this four-day trip, designed to introduce you to the service opportunities surrounding Southern California, you will learn about L.A.’s diverse population and efforts to address social and environmental issues. By helping local charitable groups, such as soup kitchens and beach cleanup crews, you’ll assist those in need and bond with your fellow group members.

You will still be able to enjoy nature! The Community Engagement trip will be camping at a state beach location for two nights. The third night you will get a rare opportunity to sleep on site at a Native American Village where you will learn about the social justice issues surrounding the ongoing battle to keep our oceans clean and free of pollution.

Past and current community engagement partners we collaborate with during this trip include: LA Regional Food Bank, Wishtoyo Foundation, Nicholas Canyon County Beach Park, Homeboy Industries, Heal the Bay, LA Arboretum & Botanic Garden, Otay Foundation, and many more. Sign up for this trip if you really want to be CONNECTED!

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