OA Trips

Orientation Adventure offers 12 trips throughout Southern California, ranging from high mountain passes to pristine island waters, Los Angeles neighborhoods to ancient groves of Sequoias. Each trip will help you meet your fellow Sagehens in a fun, outdoor setting, and gives you the opportunity to explore one of the diverse destinations accessible from Pomona. By cooking, cleaning, making camp and spending time together, you will work as a group to make your trip successful. Orientation Adventure practices “Leave No Trace” excursions, meaning that we try to make our travel have little or no impact on the environments we visit.

Community Engagement Component

Each and every OA trip has a service project component, designed to help give back to the communities we visit. This includes environmental service projects, civic & social justice projects, and educational sessions about our impact on the natural world - and ultimately how that impact is connected to our local Southern California area.

The brief trip descriptions below provide an overview of OA's offerings. The links below will take you to a more detailed description of each trip. Use these descriptions as guidelines to help you decide; they are not comprehensive itineraries of each adventure. Itineraries may change as this year's trip planning progresses. After you've found a few trips that interest you, our trip guide can help you decide which adventures best fit your needs and abilities. Keep in mind that you need to rank at least your three top choices since we cannot guarantee you placement on any particular trip.

Trips at a Glance

Backpacking Adventure: The quintessential OA experience. Set out for some of the continent’s most beautiful and rugged wilderness, where you’ll find majestic mountains, and lasting bonds with your new classmates.

Camp OA: Enjoy wilderness in comfort at Camp OA! Highlights include day hiking, a high ropes course, swimming and more...

Community Engagement L.A.: Want to give back? This trip is dedicated to giving back to the world you live in while exploring the Los Angeles area.

Climbing Adventure: Rock climbing, hiking. Not much more to say - you'll love it...

River Adventure: Have fun on the famous Kern River! You may kayak, raft and stand-up-paddle board. Day hikes and camp fun abound...

Sequoia Adventure: Visit the world's largest tree and hike around pristine alpine meadows and more...

Kayaking Adventure: Relax on the beach and explore sea caves by kayak with a professional guide.

Surfing Adventure: Catch a wave on the Pacific coast. You’ll have a chance to explore a nearby city and relax on the beach. No experience necessary, lessons and gear provided.

Beach Adventure: Camp and play in the ocean! Enjoy beach volleyball, making sand castles, try sailing and more.

Lake Adventure: Have fun at one of two lake locations with kayaking, hiking and more.

Arts & Culture L.A.: Explore the rich culture on Los Angeles on this trip. It may include visits to museums and cultural attractions.

Discover L.A.: It's your chance to play tourist! Check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, learn how to use public transit, and hike to the iconic Hollywood sign...