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Beach Adventure

The following description is meant as a guide to help you decide which trip most suits your desires and abilities. These descriptions are not intended as comprehensive itineraries and are subject to change.

Southern California’s famous beaches and beautiful coast offer plenty of sun and sand on this trip. At the end of each day, you will have time to share stories, play games and cook dinner with your group. This trip appeals to beach-lovers who don’t mind camping but would like more relaxing schedule than the Kayaking OA offers. This trip can include many of the following activities: boogie boarding, body surfing, sand castle building, volley ball, hiking, sailing.

Community Engagement Component

Previous OA trips to this location have worked closely with the Dana Point Preserve, operated by the Center of Natural Lands Management. OA groups have been pitching in to help maintain the preserve by way of removing debris and trash from the preserve area. Previous OA groups have learned about the local ecosystems while helping the native plant species thrive in the area and creating an environment for the endangered Pacific Pocket Mouse. In September 1997 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service published a recovery plan for the Pacific pocket mouse with the intent of down listing its status to threatened by the year 2023. Currently it is estimated that there are only 150 Pacific pocket mice left in existence. Efforts of the OA groups help minimize threats to the species. Sign up for this OA trip and help out the little guy!

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