Experience kayaking on tranquil waters.

The following description is meant as a guide to help you decide which trip most suits your desires and abilities. These descriptions are not intended as comprehensive itineraries and are subject to change.

Kayaking on orientation adventure.

There are two locations for the kayaking trip depending on the demand. One is on Santa Cruz Island and one in the beautiful coastline of Morro Bay. Over the course of a four-day trip, you will have the opportunity to travel both on foot and by sea kayak.

Morro Bay is the perfect locale for kayaking in the estuary and in and out of sea caves. Professional kayak guides will take you out daily, leading you along the coasts to sea caves and kelp beds and providing naturalist information about the marine environment. When you’re not in the water or on the trail, you’ll have time to relax on the beach and play in the surf. This trip is an excellent choice for students who enjoy a more extensive wilderness beach experience than Beach adventure offers. Seasick-prone individuals may want to avoid this trip. You must have basic swimming ability to participate.

Community Engagement Component

Previous Kayaking OA trips have worked with the National Park Service on Santa Cruz Island to help clean debris and trash scattered by the native island fox. Kayakers at Morro Bay have learned about restoring the biodiverse habitat, maintaining wildlife corridors, protecting the sensitive coastal bluff, and providing appropriate public access. This has been during an educational trip to the Naples coastline with the Naples Coalition. The kayaking trip has a lot to offer.

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