Students stand on a bridge

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Students get ready to cleanup trash in the forest
Students pose in front of General Sherman

Sequoia National Park encompass hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine High Sierra country, of which more than 90% is designated wilderness. If you want to experience nature from the comforts of your tent, this is the trip for you. There are day hikes to enjoy vast views. You can walk through alpine meadows and of course visit the world's largest tree, General Sherman. Camping in Sequoia National Park gives you the beauty of wilderness without having to backpack too far into the back country. You have a good chance to see wildlife here including the California Black Bear!

Community Engagement Component

Previous Sequoia OA trips have worked with rangers completing much needed projects. Some campers have discarded trash and garbage into the cans that are supposed to contain only ashes from the fire pits. Bears consider garbage and trash to be food, so when they get into this stuff it's a food reward for them. The only way to keep this from happening is to be sure that visitors don't put anything except ashes into the ash cans. The Sequoia OA groups have helped the rangers paint each ash can and empty the ash, helping our furry friends.

“The group did an awesome job of campground litter and ash removal. Thank you so much for participating in a service project while you were visiting Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. They picked up 15 bags of trash and emptied countless ash cans.” – Tim Holzem, Park Ranger VIP Program

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