Students pose before surfing

Surf adventurers will camp north of Santa Barbara near the ocean at a secluded State Beach.

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Practicing before hitting the waves

Warming up before hitting the waves

Surfing adventure

Experienced surfer? Ready to tackle the waves for the first time? This trip gives you the opportunity to learn something new or sharpen your skills in the Southern California surf. Whatever your background in the sport, you’ll enjoy the breaks off the shore of California’s world-class beaches. Surf adventurers will camp north of Santa Barbara near the ocean at a secluded State Beach. For two days of the trip, you will receive professional instruction and assistance at a surf camp. The camp provides all the gear, including wetsuits and easy-to-ride soft boards for beginning participants.

Besides playing in the surf, you can hike, play volleyball and head in for an evening in beautiful Santa Barbara. You may also have a visit to the Santa Barbara Zoo. At the end of each day, you’ll have opportunities to share stories, play games and cook dinner with the group. You should be a strong swimmer if you choose to go on this trip.

Community Engagement Component

Previous Surf OA trips to this location have worked with the rangers at the state park and with the San Luis Obispo Botanical Garden. The SLOBG generates revenue operating a financially sustainable botanical garden that displays and preserves the diverse plant life of Mediterranean climate zones, of which the California coastline belongs. OA groups have had a chance to volunteer at the garden and do planting and cleaning. Community members visit and purchase plants, sustaining the rich bio-diversity of SoCal right at home!

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